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I did a thing

I did a thing last week.

They must have liked the thing because I got a phone call this week.

As of week after next week I'm going full time EMT with St John!


Feline antics

So a wee while ago the neighbours put up a new fence because they'd just gotten a new dog, a sweet as sugar little cocker spaniel named Rosie.

Now, while the fence does the trick it was a bit of a slapdash affair. There used to be a fairly substantial line of camelia bushes there with fairly decently thick trunks. When the fence got put in those bushes had to go... but for whatever reason they didn't grub out the stumps, just cut them down to about an inch or two and built the fence over the top. Because of this there are a few gaps, big enough for a small dog to put a nose or one or two paws through.

Kitty has discovered this. She now has a new game.

She'll parade in front of the fence until Rosie catches her scent and starts nosing, pawing and peering through at the closest gap. Kitty will sit on the deck and either ignore the frantically barking Rosie or even go so far as to sprawl on her back and sun herself, in full view of Rosie.

If that's not feline trolling, I don't know what is.

Oh my word...

I've been watching Street Hospital over the past few weeks- Wellington Free Ambulance have taken to parking 2-3 ambulances down in the city at the main party zone on Friday and Saturday nights to catch some of the party goers and keep them from clogging up the hospital. It's a very good plan and I'd like to see it put into action up here if a safe base point could be found. Auckland is also a lot more strung out and up and down in the CBD than Wellington is so it makes it a little tricky.

How on earth people can think it's fun to get completely plastered is beyond me. I've seen it all before- drunk, drugged and the behaviours that go with it, but despite seeing it again and again, there's a certain '...' that never wears off.

There's also the problem with people thinking it's the best thing ever to spike drinks or start fights.

Plus- drinking meths. Exceptionally stupid. It's poisonous! How someone can not only get hooked on it but build up a tolerance to the point of being able to down a couple of liters before passing out...my word.

If there's one thing I've learned

To all others who wish to contemplate the whole wedding thing, learn this lesson from me. If you don't need to worry about it now DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT NOW. Date, guest list, venue and theme/style. Get those four things sorted first and the rest you can plan and budget for from there. Decorations, stationary, catering, seating, music, entertainment and table toppers all count as later.

In other news

I personally really like the topper on the first one. Not sure that style is 'us' but that will be decided upon later. http://www.cakewrecks.com/home/2013/6/30/sunday-sweets-drama-queens.html

I showed it to She of the Awesomes and got a 'THAT FIRST CAKE IS THE ONE I WAAAANT'. I think she likes it too, don't you? ;)

(Don't mind me, long day with stupid questions. I'm feeling a touch snarky.)

Oh help

So Michael Bay is making Transformers 4.

Oh dear.

Is it too much to hope that he hasn't heard of Unicron and there is someone on the team strong enough to go 'No Michael. Bad Michael. No cheesecake shots Michael, we've been over this.'

In which Shades does some pondering

I've been thinking.

There's this concept, this idea. It's so complex it would take a lifetime to understand. It's so big that it can literally change your worldview. Yet it's so small you can wrap your arms around it.

It's a person, all who they are, all that makes them up, present, past and future. People are world changing, life changing and so complex they're almost undecipherable. All that complexity and mystery, all that wonder and all in a package that you can hold in your arms.


So I'm watching the last part of Avengers, where they're eating shawarma, when Mum and Dad come home from the bach. Dad walks into the lounge.
Dad: "What's that?"
Me: "Avengers. They agreed to have
shawarma afterwards."
Dad: "Did you get it today?"
Me: "Yup."
Dad: "Oh. So did we."

I know exactly what set this chain of events in motion- last night The Beau and I went to go see Iron Man 3. Supremely awesome move btw, Movie-Stark is my favourite Avenger now. Part of why I like him is he's only American because he was born there. He doesn't do things for king and country/president, country and the star spangled banner, he does things because it's the right thing to do/ someone just gave him a reason for totally justified anger and he happens to have a collection of fun, shiny and asplody toys to bring along with him. BTW, go see Iron Man 3! And keep the first movie in mind when you go.

Anyway, back on track otherwise spoilers, I was talking/gushing to Mum about Iron Man and mentioned how it has several tie ins to The Avengers. Mum said that she probably should watch Avengers before going to Iron Man. I agreed, then we went our separate ways.

Evidently, we both had the same idea.


So last night I let my brother's cat into my bed.

Problem 1- she likes to sleep on the fitted bottom sheet, not the duvet.

Problem 2- she likes to sleep up next to your head.

Problem 3- she likes to get up, nuzzle, purr loudly and rub until you wake up enough to pet her. In fact, should your hand fall near her she assumes you've woken up to pet her and will nag until you've done so.

Problem 4- she doesn't settle for very long. She'll hang around, then jump off the bed, then come back and nag for attention. Rinse and repeat.

So already my sleep was broken and of poor quality. Then at 5am she jumps onto my bed and starts coughing up a hairball. I wake up in time to chuck her off the bed but by the time I've gotten out from under the covers she's already hocked up the hairball on my floor. I go to clean that up... and she's busy coughing up another one in the lounge. I go look for it, can't find it, put her outside and leave a note on the door saying 'Watch your step, there's a hairball in here somewhere.'



Something a little different

Today I've helped to put together the most unique first aid kit of my medical career.

The bulk of the thing is a sports first aid kit backpack from St John, augmented with Savlon cream, various over the counter meds, reusable ice packs and a boltcutter.

Yes, a boltcutter.

Last month I ran a LARP-grade first aid course, a mix of the important stuff from the basic Workplace First Aid that St John run with some outdoor first aid and how to keep someone alive with whatever LARP costume and accessories you happen to have on you. That day I had two of the NZ LARPs committee members there and we very quickly realised should someone be in a chainmail shirt (of which there are several) and have a cardiac arrest or a broken bone, it's going to be very difficult to get them out in a timely fashion.

Hence, boltcutters.


Well that was different

Today I was off to an event, a local fair. Lots of pretty things and I was/not glad I didn't bring any cash with me. I may not have had any spending money left for the First Scene garage sale tomorrow. (local costume hire place)

We had the usual sorts of injuries; plasters and a bee sting that needed some cream on it. A bloke wandered up to us because he'd hurt his shoulder in the morning and now it was really hurting- someone had grabbed his hand while he was playing basketball and he'd tried to yank it free but felt/heard a snap. I did a little poking and prodding, found that his collar bones were uneven and concluded that he may have dislocated and relocated something in his shoulder and it wasn't quite in the right place.

Roughly half-way through, my partner and I were sitting around trading stories when BOOOOM!

I grabbed kit and we went off to investigate in the direction of the noise and people turning and gawping/pointing at something. We trot out of the park and perhaps a dozen meters down the road to where a street light attached to a power pole is looking rather charred and has dropped it's cover on the road. A cop turns up in short order as people come out of their houses saying they've lost power. (One idiot walks UNDER the street light that has bits, including the bulb, hanging precariously out of it and it takes a bit of yelling to get him to move) I look up and wrapped around one of the three power lines I spot spot a string and handle that looks just like what the balloon man at the fair has been selling, abeit attached to foil helium balloons. It looks like the balloon may have touched the lines, arced the power and caused a wee surge.

Perils of helium balloons, who would have thought?